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Sport plays a central role in the school's mission to fortify and nurture individual pupils with diverse needs.  We believe sport develops pupils' confidence and resilience through physical, technical and noetic stimulus, and exposure to teamwork and leadership opportunities. Sport will always provide the opportunity to learn about you, especially when under pressure; learn about others whether being a team mate or opponent; and learn about the culture and comportment you perform within. Sport can withal be a great relinquishment, sanctioning pupils to go back into the classroom and work that bit harder, more keenly intellective and even differently on the things that incentivize them.

The PIBS offers a wide variety of physical extra-curricular activities both as electives and profile subjects. All students take part in a hebdomadal physical activity where they get the opportunity to endeavor a number of different sports and play active games whilst bonding as a group. In the evenings students are in liberty to utilize all facilities including the tumbling centre and fitness suite. We additionally have equipment for ball sports such as volleyball, cricket, football, basketball and badminton. In the school’s Fitness centre students can train, rehabilitate or keep themselves in shape. The Fitness centre is always available for use by the students.

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