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There are scheduled outings every year, which is led by a member of staff.  The recreation program withal provides for practical pursuits that support a boarder’s transition to the world beyond. The cost involved with outings is proximately monitored to inculcate reverence and value for firsthand experience amongst students. A series of low cost activities are always included in the module, at the same time they are orchestrated to provide children the exposure to more incipient environments. We also have numerous excursions to places of historical importance and various trips to nearby places for the students to enjoy their life to the fullest as ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Students after visiting different places get to learn of the diversity of their country and understand its cultural values to the fullest. The pupils also get to connect with Mother Nature and study it in myriad forms including the wildlife there. Life edifications on survival, adaptation and thinking on the feet are best edified in nature’s classroom. Our activities embolden students to learn through experience. Facilitators kindle their natural curiosity. What’s more, our outings and trips are equipped to meet aliment, safety and other essential needs. Introduce them to the joys of a green classroom and students can do wonders to surprise us.

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