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Nurturing Parent Support


Nurturing parents’ support is highly essential to build a responsible citizen from a child. A healthy and nurturing relationship between the child and his parents as well as with his teacher together helps in shaping the child’s future and cultivating and educating his brain. Countless interactions of parents and teachers over the course of time help in building up a healthy relationship between both, a process which requires a lot of time and energy. There is no right way or wrong way to nurture a child’s brain, as each one is different, having his own aura, his own personality and skills. It can be rightly said that the rewards of this relationship are worth the effort. Different parenting ways work for different children with different personalities and under different circumstances.

Having nurturing parents as the backbone support of the child, the child grows up to be responsible, independent and creative individual. Moreover, that child would have inculcated in him clear moral values and self discipline, commitment and intellectual and creative freedom. So PIBS would want to join hands with the parents of each and every child as only together we can shape a child into one who is confident and self dependent and not a child lacking identity or requiring excessive outside validation.

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