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takes student welfare very earnestly – our school must meet stringent standards set by the India regime and undergo rigorous, customary inspection by regime-appointed bodies. Most pupils are solicitous when they commence an incipient school so introducing them to the counselor can be very propitious. PIBS has an appointed doctor as well as counselor to help the students cope with any kind of stress. A sprained ankle sustained on the football field or basketball pitch can be swiftly treated at the PIBS healthcare centre, which is staffed by good doctors and medicos. Our boarding school has embraced the most modern approaches to physical and emotional care for their pupils and has turned the traditional image of grim matrons in cold, spartan sanatoriums into a cliche.

All the pupils have a medical when they arrive, where they can discuss health issues confidentially. The health centre provides round-the-clock care and we aim to bring in the values of a traditional school sanatorium with the progressive approach of a modern medical centre. While many children relish their time at boarding school, there’s no doubt that at some stage they may wish to discuss issues such as homesickness, exam pressure, puberty or fall-outs with friends. Our boarding school has school counselors who pupils can verbalize with in confidence.

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